Celebrating the Beauty of Women

Celebrating the Beauty of Women


Happy International Women’s Day!

On March 8, the world celebrates all the achievements of women around the world, past and present.

This year’s theme—Break The Bias—speaks to the numerous ways women are unfairly discriminated against and how they endure unjust stereotypes and prejudice that affect their lives. The goal this year is to push harder towards equality for all women. The world would not be the same without women, and you don’t have to be a woman to understand, acknowledge or appreciate that. After all, we owe many things we have today to women.

Chichi Eburu founded Juvia’s Place because of the lack of diversity in the beauty industry, and today we provide a much-needed representation to people of color. In the same vein, Juvia’s Place has chosen to mark this day by celebrating other women-owned, minority-owned brands providing robust solutions to gaps in various aspects of life.

These women are doing incredible work and making a difference; they are focused on wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Nancy Twine: She grew up making homemade hair products with her grandmother, and today is the founder of Briogeo, a clean and inclusive natural hair-care line that caters to all textures. After years of using store-bought products, she realized their effectiveness was questionable, so she began making hair care products using her grandma’s beauty recipes.

Bea Dixon: After struggling with bacterial vaginosis for months, she had a dream in which her grandmother gave her the cure of her ailment, and when she woke up, it worked, and thus Honey Pot was born. A disruptor in the feminine hygiene industry, Honeypot creates sustainable, plant-derived feminine products for women, a healthy alternative to feminine care free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates.

Shontay Lundy: For years, there has been misinformation that Black people don’t need sunscreen, but that has changed thanks to Shontay Lundy’s Black Girl Sunscreen. Today, many more people know that everybody needs sunscreen because skin cancer caused by sun damage does not discriminate.

Lynn-Marie & Melissa-Rae Angus: These sisters founded Sisters Sage, an indigenous brand that handcrafts wellness and self-care products. All their products are culturally-inspired with significance to their ancestry, and they are all vegan, cruelty-free, and come in reusable/recyclable packaging.

Nadia Martinez: She founded Kallie & Co, a hand-crafted leather goods brand created by Mexican artisans. Nadia is a Mexican immigrant who was inspired to give back to her native community by creating her products using fair labor practices.

Candace Reels: She understood the importance of a safe community for women, so she built one. She founded Female Collective, a thriving digital community empowering women from everywhere to come together, tell their stories, and bring awareness to the issues that matter to them most.

Dr. Jerrica Dodd: On a mission to add a human touch to pharmaceutical care and improve lives through patient education, Dr. Dodd founded Your Pharmacy Advocate. Her company offers services to all patients who need help understanding and managing their prescription medication.

Myleik Teele: After trying several products and searching for natural hair products for hundreds of dollars, Myleik said enough is enough. So she started Curl Box, a curated subscription that gives women the opportunity to try several products for a lower price until they find ones that work for them.

Trinity Mouzon Wofford: Growing up with a single mother who had an autoimmune disease, Trinity noticed that her mother’s health improved with holistic measures, and this inspired Golde, a vegan wellness superfood company.

Valerie Madison: an eponymous Black Latina-owned fine jewelry line based in Seattle. Founder Valerie Madison brings fresh talent and energy into an industry mainly dominated by white men and women. Every piece of jewelry is ethically and sustainably designed and made, using recycled metals and sustainably sourced diamonds and gemstones.

All things being equal, women should have the same opportunities as men. Until that is a crystal clear reality, we must continue to fight and push and celebrate women climbing to the top despite the barriers they encounter.

Our world would be a better place with more love, equality, and appreciation for women not just today but every day.

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