How To Get A Red Glitter Smokey Eye Look

How To Get A Red Glitter Smokey Eye Look

We know what you are thinking?

“Red eyeshadow? With glitter red eye makeup? Isn’t that too much?”

Well, all things considered, why not!? Red eye makeup is bold, but it is also fun. It projects a sense of confidence and self-assuredness that not many can pull off. Red eyeshadow is a show-stopper, and it ain’t just for the holidays. Red eyeshadow is for the glam-lover in you. You want people to stop and stare.

Okay, so there are many different options you can go with when deciding on makeup. How do you come to that conclusion? We think about the outfit, the shoes, the hair style (up-door styled down matters), nail color, etc. In this case, we are thinking of a classy look, with an up-do, a fun blouse with some silk pants and heels.

So these are the steps to getting the look:

Choose your color

Since we have already decided to go with red eyeshadow, you need the following shades to complete the look:

  1. White or nude eyeshadow for the base
  2. Darker nude for the crease
  3. Dark eyeshadow to create the smokey eye effect
  4. Red eyeshadow
  5. Glitter/shimmer to apply on top

Apply eyeshadow

The steps to applying the eyeshadow can seem overwhelming but it’s really a dance between patience and technique.

Start by prepping the eyelid. You want to ensure you apply an eyelid primer and then a base color on top (nude or white). After this is done, you want to apply a darker shade of nude to the crease and blend thoroughly.

Now, add some black eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid with a smaller brush and blend, blend blend. (Make sure you are blending! This ensures that all colors blend smoothly together).

Go back to apply the red eyeshadow

Apply the red eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Use a flat shader brush, to prevent the eyeshadow powder from falling over your face, and apply it primarily on the center of the eyelid. Carefully layering the red eyeshadow as many times to the desired “deep red” color of your preference. Make sure to push this into the eyelid and then go back and grab the brush from the black eyeshadow and blend the red and black eyeshadow together so that there isn’t a drastic difference from red to black!

Apply eyeliner

By applying eyeliner to the top and bottom of your eyelid, you create depth and a deeper exotic look. Consider starting with a fine angled brush and some black eyeshadow, later following up with a pencil eyeliner to fill in the look.

Add mascara and some concealer

Before we go in with the glitter on the eyelid, we want to make sure to take care of the rest of the face. Adding your mascara, maybe some fake eyelashes and concealer will lock in the look for the rest of your face before going in and adding the glitter to your eyelid. Ready, go!

Add your pressed powder and bronzer

Continue to add other aspects of your makeup routine, such as your pressed powder, your bronzer, and blush. Consider using any of the products from Juvia’s Place face products.


If your red eyeshadow is not glittery, then we will add in the sparkle. What you will need:

  • Lash glue, two brushes and some craft glitter.

Using one of the fine brushes, you are going to dip this in the lash glue and tap the glue onto the area(s) of your eyelid where you want to apply the glitter.

Now taking the second fine brush, you want to dip this into the glitter and apply onto the areas where you applied the lash glue. Take your time! As you don’t want to get any glitter inside your eye, ouch!

Add highlighter!

Now that we have completed the glitter step, go back and add that highlighter onto your cheekbones.

Final eyeliner (optional)

If you want more depth to your look, consider taking an angled thin brush and dip into the black eyeshadow for the bottom of your lower lash line. Go in from the outer-corner to the middle of your eye and blend with a pencil brush.

Add lips!

We recommend going with a nude lip color, consider any of the nude collections from Juvia’s Place. Lightly line your lips with a lip liner and go in with a nude color to complete the look.

Voilà! You have that complete look! Now go on with your sexy, glamorous self!

Make sure to share your looks with us and tag us @juviasplace and use hashtag #JuviasPlaceHolidayLook

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