The Nudes - New Lipstick and Gloss Collection

The Nudes - New Lipstick and Gloss Collection

The Nudes Lip Color Collection

“The Nudes” is Juvia’s Place's latest lip color collection. It features nude lip color shades that look great on dark to fair skin tones. The Nudes lip shades bring subtlety without sparing the pigment. The Nudes lip color collection provides that monochromatic effect while still containing enough pigment to look great on chocolate to fair skin tones. Our brown and chocolate skinned beauties can now wear nudes lips without the color looking light against their gorgeous skin.

The Nudes Lip Color Collection has glosses, lip liners and lipsticks. So matter your preference or occasion, we’ve got your lips covered.

The Nudes Lip Gloss Collection

The Nudes glosses are all paraben-free, lightweight, non-tacky, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, while still maintaining high shine and long-lasting wearability. No matter your mood or occasion, we’ve got the perfect lip gloss for you. Our Nude lip glosses come in two main families: Glass Gloss and Lip Reflect Gloss.

The Nudes Lip Gloss Collection: Glass Glosses

Nude Lip Gloss

The Nudes Glass Glosses are super-shiny, and the perfect topper over lipsticks and liners. Our new gloss collection comes in three shades: It’s Glass, It’s Electric, and So Glaze. The shade “It’s Glass” is an all-clear lip gloss, perfect when you want the shine without additional color. Wear it naked, or apply it over a matted color underneath. It’s sexy, yet incredibly subtle.

“It’s Electric” is the shade for those that need a little shimmer to their lips. It’s a clear-base with a gold reflect. It’s playful, yet sexy. Perfect for a Zoom date or a night out. It can be worn solo, or add that little extreme drama to a muted lip color underneath.

The lip gloss shade “So Glazes” adds just a little cheer to your lips. It offers a clear base with a pink reflect. It’s rosy without adding a superlative amount of pink or red. Just enough pink shade to look natural and more innocent.

The Nudes Lip Gloss: Lip Reflect Glosses

The Nudes Lip Gloss

The Nudes Lip Reflect Glosses are subtle solo lip shades that provide maximum effect without being heavy. The Lip Reflect Gloss family includes the shades: Caramel Rose, Kiss Me, Sis!, and Barely There.

Caramel RosePictured Above: Caramel Rose from the Lip Reflect Gloss Collection

Lip Reflect’s “Caramel Rose” is a warm toned, soft-brown that is high on the shine. Our shade “Sis!” Is a deep, peachy-beige with maximum shine. The peachy accent warms up the beige undertone just a smig without overpowering the Nude effect. “Kiss Me” is aptly named. It contains a soft and rosy, baby pink. High shine, subtle sexy drama. And to wrap up the Lip Reflect line is “Barely There”- a light and creamy, neutral beige for that maximum nude look.

Sis! The NudesPictured Above: Sis! From the Lip Reflect Gloss Collection

The Nudes Lipstick: Velvety Matte Lipstick

The Nudes Velvety Matte Lipstick is composed of a hydrating matte formula that is infused with hyaluronic acid, and is both cushioning and moisturizing. Our lipsticks have a12-hour wear and come in 12 separate shades that are spread across three Nude lipstick families: Chocolate, Mauve and Peach.

Chocolate Lipstick Collection

Our Chocolate Velvety Matte Lipstick collection contains the shades: Cocoa, Toffee, Muted and Lady. This is for those that truly want nude lip perfection. Wonderfully, warm chocolate tones to lighter browns with a pink undertone.

Cocoa from the Chocolate Nude Lipstick

Pictured Above: Cocoa from the Chocolate Velvety Matte Lipstick Collection

Toffee Light The Nudes Chocolate

Pictured Above: Toffee from the Chocolate Velvety Matte Lipstick Collection

The Peach Nudes

The Peach Nudes Velvety Matte Lipstick collection contains the shades: Mademoiselle, In Vogue, Libra and Me. This collection is perfect if you prefer just a touch of pinkish-orange tint to your nude lip.

The Mauves Lipstick Collection

The Mauve Nudes collection contains Chic, #2020, A Mauve Moment and Kebi. This collection features a more earthy tint with just a touch of pink undertones.

The Nudes Lip Liner: Luxe Liners

The Nudes Lip Liners

The Luxe Lip Liner collection is an essential part of our nude look. Still vegan, cruelty and paraben-free, our lip liners will highlight your nude lips without overpowering the outline of your puckers with stark lines. The Luxe comes in six shades: Lush, Kola, Scorpio, Love Me, So Rare and Sweet Nothing. Luxe lip liners are creamy, and come in Brown, Nude and Pink tones that compliment The Nudes glosses and lipsticks. These lip liners come in a bundle so you will have all of the lip liner you will ever need.

Now Let's Get Nude!

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