Candy Shop Collection: A Sugary Sweet Beauty Adventure

Candy Shop Collection: A Sugary Sweet Beauty Adventure

Enter a magical world of candy inspired makeup, where bold, delicious colors await you. Meet our most scrumptious 16-pan eyeshadow palette and five delectable lip glosses that will leave you looking and feeling absolutely irresistible.

Juvia's Place Candy Shop Collection

With endless possibilities for creating eye-catching, imaginative looks, this collection is sure to become your go-to for every occasion. Prepare to be captivated by our newest Candy Shop Eyeshadow Palette, a palette of 16 vibrant shades, it’s a must-have when it comes to bright cosmetics eye palettes.

With the cotton candy color palette trend on the rise, this palette is on point, and combines delicious bubble gum pinks with enchanting blues, and a touch of sparkle. The versatile palette offers a delightful range of pigmented mattes, shimmers, and metallics, perfect for crafting a variety of day to night time looks.

Whether you're a makeup pro or just starting to explore the world of color, the Candy Shop Palette has something for everyone. The silky-smooth formula is easy to blend, allowing you to create endless eye-catching looks – these bright cosmetics will leave everyone craving more.

Juvia's Place Candy Shop Butter Glosses

The Candy Shop Butter Glosses boasts a rich, buttery, and fabulous formula that will leave your lips feeling moisturized and looking plumper than ever. Say goodbye to sticky, uncomfortable glosses; our non-sticky formula glides on smoothly, providing long-lasting wear and a high-shine finish that's simply irresistible.

  1. 🍓 Strawberry n Cream: A succulent pinkish-red shade inspired by the classic dessert.
  1. 🍍 Pineapple Pearl: An exotic, shimmering gold hue that will transport you to a location.
  1. 🍨 Neapolitan: This irresistible shade is a swirl of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.
  1. 🍫 ChocoMilo: A sumptuous, rich brown hue reminiscent of your favorite chocolate treat.
  1. 🍬 Bubble Gum: A playful, candy-inspired shade that will make your lips pop with a burst of baby pink.

If you’re wondering how to make the most of all of these delicious shades. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here we'll guide you through using a candy palette and the essential steps to a variety of looks.

🍭 How to Use The Candy Shop Palette: Tips and Techniques 🍭

Juvia's Place Candy palettes are known for their vibrant, fun colors, and to make the most of them, you'll want to follow these tips:

  1. Prime your eyelids: To ensure your candy colors pop and stay put, start by applying an eyeshadow primer. This will create a smooth, even base for your eyeshadow and prevent creasing.
  1. Blend, blend, blend: To achieve a professional-looking eye look, blending is key. Use a fluffy blending brush to soften harsh lines and create a seamless transition between shades.
  1. Experiment with color combinations: Candy palettes are all about fun and creativity, so don't be afraid to mix and match shades. Try pairing contrasting colors or playing with different finishes (matte, shimmer, and metallic) for a unique look.
  1. Add depth and dimension: Use darker shades in the outer corner of your eye and lighter shades on the inner corner and brow bone to create depth and dimension.
  1. Don't forget the lower lash line: For a cohesive look, apply a pop of color along your lower lash line. This will balance your eye makeup and add an extra touch of sweetness.

Now only the perfect brushes can achieve a flawless eye makeup look.

Our 9-Piece Pro-Red brush set is made with high-quality synthetic bristles, making them perfect for applying all kinds of eyeshadow products. The bristles are soft and gentle on the skin, creating a perfect blend and a beautiful makeup look. With this set, you have all the tools you need to create a professional look. The set is also easy to clean and maintain, so you can use it over and over again. With Juvia's Place 9-Piece Pro Red Set for Face and Eyes, you can always look your best!

It's the perfect companion to any Candy Shop look.

The Candy Shop Collection is a sugary sweet makeup adventure that will leave you feeling absolutely irresistible. From the vibrant and bright cosmetics shades of the eyeshadow palette to the buttery formula of the lip glosses, this collection is perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with bold, playful colors. So why not indulge in a little sweetness and step into a world of candy-inspired makeup?

Let Candy Shop Inspire You!

If you’re inspired to take the next step in your delightful journey through the Candy Shop Collection, why not try it on now using our virtual try-on tool to explore the range? With just a few clicks, you can see how each shade of eyeshadow in the palette or shade of gloss looks on your complexion.

The Virtual Try On is a convenient and fun way to experiment with different colors. And let's be honest, who doesn't love playing with makeup?

So why not try it on now?

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