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Tips, Tricks & Hacks: How to Apply Powder Foundation

Powder Foundation is essential for every makeup routine. It’s a multi-tasking must-have foundation powder that can be worn alone or on top of other foundations (liquid or cream) to set and preserve the longevity of the foundation, control shine, and mattify the skin.

Who is powder foundation for?

Powder foundation is perfect for those after a quick, easy, versatile, and buildable matte finish. However, with incredible oil control and mattifying properties, powder foundation is ideal for those with oily to combination skin types as opposed to those with drier skin. With the I Am Magic Powder foundation boasts a non-cakey formula that doesn’t clog pores. This type of formulation could also be helpful for those with acne-prone skin.

With the arrival of a true standout, I Am Magic Powder Foundation, a lot of our customers have been asking how to apply powder foundation.

Prep your Face

The power of prepping your skin can’t be overstated, as it sets the stage for a smooth and long-lasting application.

For the I Am Magic Powder Foundation to work its wonders, begin with a fresh canvas. Cleanse and moisturize skin, followed by a primer for a smooth base for the best possible application and even longer-lasting wear and comfort throughout the day. These details are what will elevate the final result and allow your foundation to enhance your natural beauty.

After prepping your base the right way, powder foundation can really work wonders. The I am Magic Pressed Powder Foundation boasts a weightless formula that glides effortlessly onto the skin, blending seamlessly without settling into pores or creating a heavy "mask" effect.

Choose your Tool & Coverage

With a non-cakey finish, our new I Am Magic Powder Foundation applies flawlessly regardless of the application tool that you choose to apply it with. The beauty of the Powder Foundation is its buildable coverage, so regardless of the tool you use to apply it with, you can build to the coverage that you desire. But a slightly different finish can be achieved depending on the tool that you used.

If you’d like to achieve light to medium to full coverage, try a tapered or dome-shaped brush. Whereas for a full coverage look, use a flat top foundation brush or sponge. It’s the density of the brush that ensures the maximum product is delivered to the skin. 

For the fullest level of coverage, try a sponge. The I Am Magic Powder Foundation Makeup sponges come concealed within the compact. The compact’s magnet lock, mirror, and sponge make it portable and travel-friendly. 

Experimenting with various application tools can lead to discovering the perfect method that complements your unique skin and desired coverage. By understanding how different brushes and sponges impact the final look, you can achieve a tailor-made finish that suits your personal preferences.

Apply it like a Pro

When using a brush, always blend the powder using firm but gentle circular motions from the inner parts of your face, moving outwards.When using a sponge, press and smooth outwards, beginning around the nose and mouth and then slowly moving to achieve an even application.

Get set to go

Convenience meets portability with the I Am Magic Powder Foundation's compact design, magnet lock, mirror, and sponge, perfect for those on the go and perfect for touch-ups when desired. However, this pressed powder contains a blend of finely milled powders that work for instant and long-lasting oil control. This oil-regulating blurring formula of the I Am Magic Powder Foundation works to shrink pores and create a pore-vanishing effect that smooths out the skin's surface to keep you looking your best all day long.

Say hello to your new go-to for versatile coverage, skin-enhancing benefits, and practicality for those with busy lives. And embrace the magic of powder foundation to level up your foundation game.

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